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Brixham Rotary have provided Brixham College funds for the purchase of banners advertising the burgees that are given to students as recognition of 12 skills they have learnt during the Covid 19 lockdown that will help students in their employability on leaving college.

Brixham College Burgee’s Awards Scheme.

The Brixham College Burgee awards scheme was launched at the start of September 2020. It consists of 60 skills, experiences, and knowledge definitions, that are agreed as enhancements to a student’s Cultural Capital.

Increasing a student’s cultural capital ensures that in addition to their academic subjects, they increase their ability to become confident in new situations, cope and be resilient when dealing with challenges, and are better armed with the skills that will allow them to journey through life confident bearing the ‘edge’ to succeed.

The 60 skills, experiences, and knowledge definitions are divided up into 12 levels suitable for each year group, and age of the students.

Aim of the Burgee scheme during Lockdown.

In order to boost students moral, and re-engagement the college has initiated the Burgee scheme, which offers all students the opportunity to highlight and evidence any of the 12 skills, opportunities, experiences etc that they have completed during the period of absence from the usual college curriculum during lockdown. On presentation of evidence students are presented with a “Limited Edition” Brixham Lockdown Burgee.

Funding Aim.

Rotary plans to fund 2 Large Flag size Burgee’s that will be flown on the college sites as a reminder of what challenges are set in gaining the Limited-Edition Burgee, in addition Rotary plan to fund the smaller personal size flag/burgees that are presented to those students that can evidence and achieve this limited-edition acknowledgement of their hard work towards the Burgee scheme to date. It is proposed that the sponsored by Rotary emblem be incorporated within the Burgee flags.